Tolling Systems

All Electronic Tolling

All Electronic Tolling (AET)

Over 3.5 million customers travel our All Electronic Tolling systems at highway speeds and simply pay tolls using their toll tags (RFID tags) or their vehicle license plates (Video Tolling). This means no toll booths, no attendant staffing, and no collection and management of cash; the operational efficiencies and cost savings are significant. From a two-lane toll bridge in Virginia to a seven-lane wide, ORT zone with over 1.3 million RFID-tagged vehicles in Dubai, we design, engineer, and install complex and highly reliable toll systems leveraging our Infinity Digital Lane System products.

Infinity Digital Lane System

The modular design of the Infinity Digital Lane System combines the very best components for each of the individual sub-systems, all of which are then integrated into one complete operating unit.

  • Blade based design: Blades are easily installed, changed, or removed, significantly reducing maintenance and repair times. Each blade has its own power supply, central processing unit (CPU), data storage, and front panel diagnostics and maintenance ports.
  • Standardized architecture: Parts are common and interchangeable. There are two primary types of blades, one type that is used for lane servers, VCARS® controllers, and AVI controllers and a second type that is used for IVIS™ controllers, vehicle profilers, and ORT zone controllers making inventory management less expensive, and more efficient.
  • Standard IP-based communication: Modules communicate with each other through TCP/IP, not hard-wired through outdated serial type connections.
  • Highly robust: Critical systems are redundant to maximize system availability and uptime. Most components are of industrial design for optimal performance in adverse environments.

Encompass 6 Multiprotocol Reader

The Encompass® 6 Multiprotocol Reader is an integrated high-speed, multiprotocol 915 MHz radio frequency identification (RFID) reader system that includes an RF transceiver board and processor in a single assembly. The read/write Multiprotocol Reader is ideal for highspeed, multi-lane installations with a requirement to read or write to two tag protocols or to provide a migration path from an existing tag protocol.

Traditional Tolling

Traditional Tolling

Along with our All Electronic Tolling (AET) systems, we engineer and deploy tolling lanes using the traditional toll plazas and toll booths that operate using cash, automatic cash machines (ACMs), ticketing systems, or RFID-based toll payment. Our services and products cover the spectrum of tolling operations; cash and employee management, reporting, auditing, and real-time toll system monitoring.

We also manufacture and install the Infinity Digital Lane System suite of products for roadside toll collection. The system provides vehicle classification, license plate image capture, and automatic vehicle identification to produce highly reliable and accurate transactions.

Benefits Summary

  • Collection of established tolling products and solutions deployed to hundreds of lanes processing millions of transactions.
  • Complete suite toll operation software accessible from a secure, single sign-on by user role.
  • Cash operations software engineered for tolling environments. Workflows and tools to assign tour funds, cash pickups, bank deposits and much more.
  • Plaza and Authority level unusual occurrence (UO) audit capability.
  • IVIS pre-classification may be utilized to make cash transaction processing more efficient.
  • Completely independent event audit, the Digital Video and Audit System.
  • Transaction and operation dashboard interfaces to manage operations and activities.
  • Easy to use toll-booth touch screen application for transaction processing.
  • In-lane devices integrated into single traffic control pedestal, improves ease of installation and maintenance access.

HOT Lanes

High Occupancy Toll (HOT) Lanes

High occupancy toll (HOT) lane systems provide a customized, cost-effective alternative to expand capacity and ease congestion. By using electronic toll collection (ETC) reader antennas over high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes, any single occupancy vehicle (SOV) equipped with an ETC tag can use the HOV lane during peak travel hours for real time, variable pricing that can be dynamically set by the toll authority to maximize their revenue.

Upgrading HOV lanes with TransCore's HOT lane system improves traffic flow and is a cost-effective alternative to additional road construction. Even where no HOV lanes currently exist, HOT or managed lane expansions help to fund roadway widening during tight budgetary times.

Benefits Summary

  • Increases total system capacity
  • Generates more revenue for your ETC system
  • Eliminates need for new road construction
  • Customizable gantry designs for any roadway
  • Offers higher revenue collection with proven tag interoperability
  • Allows for fast installation and maintenance

Toll Maintenance

Extend the life of your tolling system with comprehensive maintenance

TransCore employs a fully managed help desk team for 24/7/365 remote system monitoring, approximately 300 field service technicians throughout the U.S., and teams of engineers and system administrators to deliver system maintenance and support for our toll projects. Our extensive toll integration and system design experience has produced exceptional depth in our maintenance teams. We work closely with our customers to customize the level of system maintenance based on their unique business requirements.

Benefits Summary

  • Managed Online Maintenance (MOMS) automatically detects and reports system failures while they are occurring or after the component has met a configured tolerance threshold that requires corrective maintenance.
  • 24/7/365 remote system monitoring and system tuning support.
  • Certified field maintenance technician on-site support.
  • Scheduled preventive maintenance audits to get ahead of any potential maintenance issues.


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