Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)


Airport RFID Services

Airports are challenged with the complicated system of ground transportation management, air quality control, security enforcement, and revenue collection. Since 1990, we have designed, implemented, and supported complex transportation management projects for more than 80 airports worldwide, including Dulles International Airport, Denver International Airport, and the Doha International Airport. Our Airport RFID services include

  • Parking and access control
  • System design and integration
  • Wide range of hardware and software products
  • Revenue management
  • Commercial vehicle management systems (Taxi dispatch)

Benefits Summary

  • Nonstop, hands-free revenue collection with automatic billing
  • Seamless interoperability with many local and regional RFID-tagged vehicles already in the field
  • Increased fleet visibility, enhanced dispatch capabilities, and reduced curbside congestion
  • Improved traffic flow and decreased congestion, which reduces carbon emissions
  • Accurate, auditable data for billings, management, and operations
  • Encompass Multiprotocol Readers operating at highway speeds with read/write ability
  • Support of multiple transportation industry protocols; Super eGo, (SeGo), eGo, and ATA protocols

Parking & Access Control


TransCore’s parking & vehicle security access control technology maximizes throughput and security, and improves the customer experience.

Wireless radio frequency identification (RFID), automatic vehicle identification (AVI) technology from TransCore enhances security, provides efficient vehicle entry and exit, improves customer service and safety, and automatically processes parking fees while controlling vehicle access into your facility.

With an extensive suite of AVI products, tags, and readers that are easily configured and adaptable with new and existing parking and security systems, TransCore is the proven leader in RFID vehicle-based technology solutions for parking and security access control applications.

Hands-free vehicle access supports several environments, including corporate and university campuses, hospitals, commercial parking garages, residential/gated communities, and resorts.

TransCore’s network of dealers in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada provides sales, installation, system integration, maintenance, and support services. To locate a dealer or distributor in your area, contact Susan McDermott at 214-461-6443.

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Homeland Security

Your border or facility security is more important than ever before

To meet these security demands, you need a proven and effective access control system to monitor and control the passage of people, vehicles, and freight into and out of your specific secure areas. Military bases, government facilities, nuclear and chemical plants, oil refineries, corporate campuses, and country borders demand the accuracy level and reliability that RFID technology provides.

TransCore's access control security solutions provide protection while improving traffic flow by using automation tools to expedite the identification of pre-approved or low risk vehicles, cargo, and passengers. Our radio frequency identification (RFID) system works hand-in-hand with your biometrics, encryption, or video identification technologies to allow your security staff to focus on priority inspections.

Benefits Summary

  • Electronically identifies tagged vehicles and cargo
  • Speeds border crossings of low risk, pre-approved vehicles
  • Matches vehicle, driver, and approved passengers


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Fleet RFID Solutions

TransCore is the proven leader in transportation radio frequency Identification (RFID) systems and has delivered more than one million tags and more than 4,500 readers to automate fleet operations and asset management. These automatic equipment identification (AEI) systems provide hands-free access control into company service facilities for your commercial fleet. TransCore’s broad product line of tags and readers with long range and high speed capabilities allows your new system to be tailored to your exact requirements. Trucks, vans, and other heavy equipment assets can be tracked, providing an accurate database for better managing all of your moving equipment and automating your critical management systems. This provides timely, accurate information resulting in reduced costs and improved efficiency.

Benefits Summary

  • Reduces idle time
  • Provides quicker entry and exit times
  • Authorization for fueling, washing, or maintenance
  • Eliminates error prone manual data entry
  • Increases facility security
  • Allows only authorized entry and exit
  • Eliminates paper logs or computer keying

Rail & Intermodal

Tracking billions of dollars of equipment and cargo is crucial for good customer service and efficient rail and intermodal operations.

Our ability to capture data via TransCore’s RFID products then integrate with our in-transit visibility, maintenance, repair yard, and inventory management service offerings provides a unique capability within the transport industry. The combination provides seamless integration for rail, truck, barge, chassis container, and other intermodal applications.

In 1991 the North American rail industry adopted a mandatory standard based on TransCore’s Amtech wireless RFID technology. All railcars in interchange service in North America are required to be equipped with our radio frequency tags, allowing railroads to manage cars and locomotives nationwide. TransCore’s tags are also encoded per the ISO 10374 container identification standard. Tractor tags are encoded per the ATA standard for trucking applications.

After a multimillion dollar investment in research and development, TransCore recently introduced its next generation rail products. The new multiprotocol rail reader (MPRR) and train recording unit (TRU) are designed to support the rail market’s transition to updated automatic equipment identification (AEI) technology.

Our line of wireless products electronically identifies and monitors rail and intermodal equipment. This allows rail, port, marine, and trucking companies to track and monitor equipment effectively, resulting in increased equipment utilization and reduced re-handles, dwell time, and overhead. TransCore’s RFID systems are also used in automatic train positioning systems.

Our tailored, integrated solutions combine high quality data and support services with world-class software to provide you with total inventory visibility and operational efficiency.


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Vehicle Registration

Vehicle registration is not just a means to collect revenue; it is the bedrock upon which overall roadway safety and a large segment of law enforcement is built. By replacing registration stickers with radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, electronic vehicle registration (EVR) makes it easier than ever for authorities to increase vehicle safety inspection compliance, to clear roadway incidents, and to identify and track vehicles associated with crimes and disappearances.

Benefits Summary

  • Safer vehicles, safer travel
  • Cleaner air
  • Improved security
  • Recovered tax and fee revenues
  • Route restrictions ensured
  • Enforced insurance coverage
  • Efficient violations processing
  • Fast and accurate crash reporting
  • Safer process for law enforcement personnel


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All Electronic Tolling

TransCore provides automatic vehicle identification in all electronic tolling using our diverse Radio Frequencies Identification (RFID) technologies.

TransCore’s Encompass® 6 Multiprotocol Reader is an integrated high-speed, multiprotocol 915 MHz radio frequency identification (RFID) reader system that includes an RF transceiver board and processor in a single assembly. The read/write Multiprotocol Reader is ideal for highspeed, multi-lane installations with a requirement to read or write to two tag protocols or to provide a migration path from an existing tag protocol.

The Encompass 6 Multiprotocol Reader is capable of supporting any of the following protocols in a given installation:

  • American Trucking Associations (ATA), full-frame and half-frame (read-only)
  • California Title 21 (read-only)
  • eGo® (read/write) — fully compliant with ANSI NCITS 256:2001 and ISO 18000-6B standards
  • Interagency Group (IAG) (read/write)
  • Super eGo (SeGo) (read/write) — a superset of the eGo protocol
  • TransCore IT2200 (read/write)


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