Project Profiles

Tolling Systems

All Electronic Tolling (AET) Overview

Vehicle Information Processed Accurately Within Milliseconds

Houston Metro HOT Lane

AET -- HOT Lanes

Conversion of HOV Lanes to High Occupancy Tolling (HOT) Corridors

AET -- Reversible ORT Lanes

World's First Reversible Open Road Tolling on a Bridge

AET -- ORT System

The Largest Open-Road Electronic Toll Collection System in the World

Express Lanes -- Utah DOT I-15

Dynamic pricing in HOV lanes improves travel time and customer experience

International -- Salik Toll System, Dubai

International installation the Road and Transport Authority's (RTA) complex Salik Toll System

Cash Lanes -- Oklahoma Turnpike

Traditional cash tolling offers convenience to customers driving Oklahoma's Turnpike

Toll Maintenance Overview

Extend the life of your toll system with comprehensive maintenance

Intelligent Transportation Systems

New York City ITS

Largest and most aggressive deployment of integrated traffic controllers all being managed from a single point.

NYC Bus Transit System

Improving Bus Transit Safety & Efficiency with Creative Traffic Solutions

US-36 Express Lanes

US-36 Express Lanes project utilizes cutting edge ITS technology to provide a Smart Highway.

Los Angeles County IEN

ATMS Enables Information Exchange Network (IEN) for Efficient Intersection Traffic Flow

City of Pasadena Adaptive Traffic Control System

SCATS offers flexible, integrated solution for dynamic traffic control

City of San Jose Adaptive Traffic Control System

SCATS Adaptive Traffic Control System provides flexible traffic management solutions to San Jose

New Jersey Meadowlands Commission

SCATS ATMS alleviates tough traffic in New Jersey Meadowlands, an area known for oversaturation

Metro Atlanta Traffic Signal Timing

TransCore has developed and deployed signal timing plans for 22 corridors and over 210 signals in the metro Atlanta area.

Alabama Adaptive Traffic Signal Control Systems

Three separate systems – in Montgomery, Birmingham, and Huntsville – are improving travel time and reducing delay.

City of Alhambra TranSuite

Deployment of comprehensive Traffic Control System for Alhambra

Kane County of Illinois TranSuite ATMS

Kane County, IL implements comprehensive, fully integrated ATMS solution

St. Charles TranSuite

ATMS for St. Charles County Gateway Green Light

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

Airport Overview Profile

Streamline operations, improve transportation efficiency, enhance security, reduce carbon emissions, and increase revenue.

Corporate & Business Campus

Provide employees a secure environment and convenient accessibility.

College & University Parking

Vehicle throughput tripled and complaints about emissions in the parking garages were eliminated.

Commercial & Municipal Parking

Automate parking fee administration, improve throughput, and enhance customer convenience.

Hospital & Medical Centers Parking

Regulate parking and control access to restricted areas.

Gated Communities

The safety and security of the people, homes, property, and vehicles in your community is paramount.

Homeland Security Overview

Improve security and increase the efficiency of moving commercial assets with targeted RFID technology

EVR Overview

Automated Enforcement of Vehicle Regulations, with Unsurpassed Safety and Security

Rail Applications

Improve productivity and reduce costs for rail & intermodal applications

Rail Products

Wireless solutions for tracking, management, and operational effectiveness

Fleet Yard Management

Automate fleet yard management, weight scale operations, and entry/exit for efficient and cost effective business

Weigh Scale Applications

Automatic vehicle identification (AVI) technology to get your authorized trucks in and out of scale/weigh facilities quickly and efficiently.

Service & Delivery Applications

Businesses that maintain service and delivery vehicle fleets are able to dramatically improve their return on investment.

Customer Service Centers

DelDOT E-ZPass Customer Service Center

Update and expansion of the DMV and E-ZPass® Customer Service Centers

Salik Customer Service, Dubai

Operation of multiple customer service centers (CSCs) and violation processing centers (VPCs)

Harris County (HCTRA) Back Office

Integrated customer account management and violation enforcement systems