Intelligent Transportation Systems


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Advanced Traffic Management Systems Software

  • Traffic Control System
  • ATMS Map
  • ATMS Explorer
  • Traveler Information System (TIS)
  • Video Control System (VCS)
  • Event Management System (EMS)
  • Freeway Monitoring and Management System/FTMS

Traffic Control System (TCS)

The TCS offers a combination of features and functionality used for integrated traffic management systems. It provides a stable, mature, and operational traffic control system that currently controls several thousand intersections around the United States. In San Jose, Calif. and Portland, Ore., the TCS operates on projects with more than 500 intersections. The system capitalizes on the latest generation of computer equipment to provide an easy-to-use, relatively low-cost system. The TCS can be offered with a combination of features and technologies to suit customer requirements.


ATMS Map is a Windows®-based desktop application for the display of traffic status, devices, and incidents. The geographically accurate program uses the ESRI databases. ATMS Map includes optional layers to meet specific requirements. Layers enable users to monitor customized map information.

ATMS Explorer

ATMS Explorer is a platform on which users can develop customized graphics to assist them in detailed performance monitoring and analysis. Users can monitor and analyze the status of equipment and the performance of the system. This product enables users to import background graphics including photographs, BMP, and common image formats including geographic information systems (GIS) shape files, and overlay those backgrounds with dynamic icons. This functionality is enabled through the use of active-X controls and includes support of hyperlinks, which can provide access to decision support data from many sources.


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SCATS Adaptive Traffic Control System

SCATS is the most proven adaptive traffic control system on the market that optimizes cycle length, splits, and offsets on a cycle-by-cycle basis using real-time detection. For more than 40 years and an estimated 34,350 intersections in over 154 cities in 25 countries use this system, SCATS repeatedly provides measured operations improvements in travel times, stops, and delays.

Within the United States, several independent studies have shown that SCATS system payback has been obtained within 18 months from installation.

SCATS primarily manages the dynamic (on-line, real-time) timing of signal phases at traffic signals, meaning that it tries to find the best phasing (i.e. cycle times, phase splits and offsets) for the current traffic situation (for individual intersections as well as for the whole network). This is based on the automatic plan selection from a library in response to the data derived from loop detectors or other road traffic sensors.

Benefits Summary

  • Reduction in overall traffic delays
  • Ability to immediately adapt to traffic change
  • Provides optimal timings for all traffic movements


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Engineering & Design

ITS Design

No matter how complex your transportation design needs are, TransCore is uniquely positioned to help you achieve your goals. Count on our field-tested designs which allow you to maximize your transportation system while minimizing your risk.

Our design services are tailored to meet your specific needs. And with a dedicated workforce of almost 2000 in over 80 locations throughout the world, you'll have the confidence that we're close by when you need us. In 2013, Engineering News-Record (ENR) ranked TransCore no. 169 out of the Top 500 Design Firms.

TransCore works hand in hand with our customers to design transportation systems for:

  • Tolling Systems
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
  • Customer Service Centers
  • Violation Processing Centers
  • ITS Construction Projects
  • Airports
  • Parking and Access Control
  • Homeland Security
  • Rail and Intermodal
  • Fleet
  • Electronic Vehicle Registration


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ITS Construction

With more than 75 years in the transportation industry, TransCore has provided Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) construction, integration, and maintenance services. In that time, transportation technology has changed dramatically; TransCore has led the way by deploying long-term, robust solutions that meet your needs. Our expertise spans the entire lifecycle of ITS programs, from planning to maintenance. This broad spectrum of ability allows us to consider the entire program as we execute each phase. Understanding the relationships between the phases enables us to construct and maintain cost-effective deployments.

TransCore provides value to our clients with specialized project staff who work exclusively on ITS projects, accounting for and mitigating potential construction and maintenance issues early on within large scale design-build programs. Our philosophy is to provide the highest quality services and solutions in an effective, efficient manner. TransCore is a full-service, licensed electrical contractor in many states and regions across the world. We specialize in the following,

  • Installing state-of-the-art technology and equipment
  • Development thorough testing and acceptance plans
  • Conducting factory acceptance tests
  • Performing final system integration and final device
  • System acceptance testing

In addition to ITS construction, TransCore provides long-term, dedicated ITS maintenance services for large ITS deployments across the country. Our maintenance portfolio encompasses the entire suite of ITS devices, communication system components, electrical services, and back-office hardware and software. Our staff is well seasoned in integration and maintenance of a wide array of technology, telecommunication, and electrical systems, and possesses the troubleshooting skills necessary to quickly diagnose and pinpoint issues encountered during system operations.


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